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Bizon Phone Card

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Your reliable partner at any time and place.

Frequent travelers including business ones will never find a better partner than Bizon Calling card.

If you have tried other prepaid phone cards, you might have found yourself in a situation when you have a calling card that works in this country, but at the same time you cannot use it to speak as much as you like because surcharge fees for local access numbers are unbelievably high. Bizon prepaid phone card solves this problem once and for all.

The Bizon phone card is a Permanent PIN card with the handy Refill feature, PIN Free Access option and no expiration date!

Those who live in the US and Canada can dial Toll Free Access Numbers and enjoy best rates available for both overseas and domestic calls (note, if you call from cell phone, you will need to pay a fee of $0.15; any call from pay phone will cost you additional $0.85). But that is not all. Bizon card provides Toll Free Access Numbers for several countries in the word like UK, Mexico or Israel. Ever if the country you plan to make calls from doesn't provide any Toll Free Number, you can still enjoy the lowest surcharges for Local Access Numbers in the industry.

That is not all. Purchase your Bizon prepaid calling card and get a series of advantages you will never find anywhere else. No Maintenance Fees, 1 minute rounding and Unlimited Validity period if you make at least 1 recharge in 10 months.

  • How does it work? - Simple!

    Bizon calling card is unbelievably customer friendly. In spite of excellent quality connection you get absolutely convenient service. When you purchase your Jupiter card, all you need to do is to register your phone number and you can forget about hard-to-remember PINs as your phone will be recognized automatically.

  • Get 10% discount on all calls during off-peak hours: 9:00pm-7:00am EST

    This prepaid phone card is indeed a great way to save and get the best service at lowest rates.

    This Card can be used from Canada, Russia, UK, USA - Continental, USA - Mobile
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